Zotiquest Games is an indipendent editorial label dedicated to the design of role-playing games. All games are published on itch.io.



Players act as fearless explorers of the Mediterranean of the Mythical Age, studded with mysterious islands, thick forests, legendary creatures, labyrinths and dangers.


Welcome to Taintedweald, a post-apocalyptic forest-crawl set in a small region of an undefined world.

This mini-setting inspired by the works of Hayao Miyazaki is compatible with Cairn


Intrepid spacers ply the vastness of the Five Galaxies in search of fortune and glory.

This is Plerion, a sci-fi hack from Cairn designed to play radiant space opera.

Inspired by classic science fiction and the RPGs that emulate it, but with a more modern twist, winking at transhumanism and cyberpunk.


This is a very freeform and streamlined RPG ruleset, inspired by the Free Kriegsspiel Revolution and Old School Renaissance movements, based on the most famous old school sci-fi RPG, but intended to be used in any setting or genre. The system is designed to be very flexible and hackable. Hacks are indeed encouraged and welcomed.

GIST! FKR Edition

his version of GIST! tries to be adherent to the general principle of Free Kriegsspiel Revolution: play worlds, not rules. So it is by design even more minimal and free-form than the “core” edition.

Roamers of the Dream

Roamers of the Dream is an old school inspired adventure game in which you play the role of a dream wanderer.

Players will take on the role of Roamers who will have to live, survive and find a way to wake up before losing their lucidity for good.


Loner is a bare-bone freeform solo RPG designed to play with a solo character in “narrative” mode. You’ll guide your character through the story that will unravel during the game, asking closed questions to an oracle who will assume the role of Game Master. Every now and then the game will surprise you when an unexpected plot twist happens!

so1um enhanced

This is an enhanced version of so1um 0.6 by Matt Jackson, a solo-rpg system geared to fast play with lightweight and elegant rules, which combines D6 and clichés.

While Matt Jackson's version 0.6 is perfectly playable as is, I added a bunch of random generation tables, the new oracle system Recluse by Graven Utterance and players aids with a 108 clichés list and about 60 monsters and encounters.

This is not a new game but simply an augmented experience.

Binary Trinity

Binary Trinity is a micro-RPG designed with immediacy and zero cruch in mind.

Describe your character with 3 attributes, toss 3 coins and narrate the results.